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LPU announced Professor Jeffrey Bird as the new interim Chair of the Business Administration department. Former Business Chair Dr. Kimo Walz shares about Jeff’s promotion, “I have had the pleasure of working with professor Bird for the last five years, here at LPU and before at Vanguard University. He has proven himself to be a consummate leader, compassionate mentor, and collaborative team player. I’m confident he will continue to contribute to the success of his students and remain a valuable member of the LPU faculty and our Foursquare family.”

Additionally, LPU has named Dr. Frans Flores, Visiting Instructor of Business Administration. Professor Bird was part of the search committee for Dr. Flores’ hire. Professor Bird shares, “Dr. Flores’ educational background, passion for youth and young adults, entrepreneurial pursuits, and Foursquare heritage render him a great asset within the Business Department and the LPU community at large. I look forward to working with him as we grow the impact of the Business Department in the season ahead.”

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Interim Chair of Business Administration

Professor Bird has extensive experience in ministry, business, and finance. He has been working at LPU since 2018 as an adjunct professor, visiting instructor, and assistant professor in the Business Administration program. Additionally, he currently serves as the faculty representative and the athletics faculty liaison. Professor Bird has a BA in Accounting, an MA in Business Administration (MBA), and other coursework in business. He is currently exploring different options for doctoral programs to continue his growth as a faculty member and academic leader.


Visiting Instructor of Business Administration

Dr. Frans Flores has a BA in Psychology, an MA in Business Administration (MBA), and is finishing a DBA. He has experience in higher education, student success coaching, and pastoral ministry. Additionally, he has entrepreneurial business experience starting his own business and managing director at Brain Hurricane K-12 tutoring. He was invaluable in expanding the company’s serves throughout California from 2005 to 2015.