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In a strategic move to foster leadership development, the Northwest District (NWD) and Life Pacific University (LPU) have joined forces to launch the Leadership Development Education Scholarship. This collaboration aims to invest in and empower leaders within the Foursquare community, with the NW District offering a substantial $5,000 scholarship to qualified applicants.

Northwest District Supervisor Steve Mickel expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “I am thrilled for the partnership between the Northwest District and LPU as it offers our pastors and leaders an important opportunity to continue their learning and education and build important relationships for ministry and leadership.”

To provide a firsthand account of the transformative impact of this initiative, Pastor Lori Snyder of Summit Church is a NextGen Regional Pastor, HS Cross-Country and Track Coach, Chapel Pastor, and more.

She shared her experience entering the Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership (MASL) program at LPU, “The impact on me in entering the MASL program is learning how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know,” she revealed. Despite her extensive 20-year journey following Jesus, the program has encouraged her to grow, be stretched, and deepen her understanding of her faith and leadership.


She also valued the relationships, “There was much cross-pollination of relational engagement between cohorts, both the first year and second year graduate students. Time on campus helped me to develop a sense of connection with the professors, administration, staff, and even the undergraduate students.”

Pastor Eric Greninger, an assisting minister of Kings Way Foursquare Church, also shared his experience starting the Master of Arts in Theological Studies. He emphasized the LPU ethos of spiritual formation, recounting how the program facilitated a return to his first love for Jesus and brought about a spirit of unity among his cohort.

“The partnership between the NWD and LPU excites me, as it demonstrates their shared commitment to raising up dynamic Christian leaders, thinkers, workers, caretakers, and clinicians,” he concluded. In articulating his aspirations within the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program, he expressed a profound commitment to personal and communal enrichment.


Beyond the academic pursuit, he shared, “I hope to think and reflect more deeply and contribute to the growing body of Pentecostal scholarship. In the process, I hope to become a better pastor, leader, expositor, and teacher. I also trust that as I am enriched, I will be able to enrich my family, friends, colleagues, and community. I look forward to the challenge and the change.”

In addition to these testimonials, Pastor Greninger’s wife, Loni, highlighted the positive spiritual shift she observed in her husband upon embarking on this growth journey. His excitement about attending LPU and the connection to Foursquare reflected a profound alignment with his calling as a pastor.

For those aspiring to benefit from this scholarship opportunity, the Northwest District has allocated $5,000 for qualified applicants applying to the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership, the Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership, or the Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply to LPU and the NW District by April 15 for the online cohorts starting this July, featuring an enriching one-week residency.

Pastor Lori encouraged other leaders, “I would like to strongly encourage anyone who has been toying with the idea of continuing their education. An online program at LPU is doable for everyone. If you think you don’t have the time, finances, and or abilities, take the steps to explore what is available at LPU. Both the NWD and LPU are willing to help make it a reality for you to follow that path God has set for you. Pray; he’s listening; seek Him wholeheartedly; he is there waiting for you.”

This joint initiative between the Northwest District and Life Pacific University is not merely a scholarship program; it represents a commitment to cultivating Christian leaders who will make a lasting impact in their communities. and embark on a transformative educational journey that extends beyond the academic realm, shaping leaders with a deep sense of purpose and calling.

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