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Recently, Life Pacific University hosted its first Mental Health and the Church Webinar. In an effort to equip pastors, leaders, parents, and more on a biblical response to the mental health crisis of the world, LPU hosted this free webinar to discuss what the Bible says about mental health, advise how the church can respond, and empower those who wish to lead others and themselves into wholistic health and wholeness mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Dr. Angie Richey shares “The response to our mental health webinar has been truly encouraging, highlighting the significant desire for resources and support. LPU is here to equip future pastors and mental health professionals through Christian higher education. It’s inspiring to see churches and leaders rallying together, determined to find meaningful ways to support their communities.”

a photo of the webinar taking place with the panelists presenting slidesOver 150 leaders attended the webinar to engage in this timely topic and be educated and equipped on how to begin to bring a biblical perspective to the mental health space. These men and women who joined the webinar called in from all over the world – including Australia and the Philippines, asked insightful questions and were eager to partake in more webinars and seek resources to continue this conversation in their own contexts.

“Our webinar on mental health and the church was an inspiring experience! We addressed stigmas surrounding mental health and encouraged leaders to embrace an environment where mental wellness is prioritized and celebrated. The presenters sent a powerful message that seeking help is a sign of strength and not weakness, offering hope and healing to the Church and the world” expressed Professor Dawn Houk.

LPU’s mental health webinar was made up of panelists from LPU and the Foursquare Church who were experts in their subjects regarding mental health. A special thank you to these panelists for their wisdom, passion, and willingness to lead on this topic of mental health in the Church:

  • Dr. Dan Mundt, Foursquare Director of Leader Health
  • Dr. Angie Richey, LPU President and LMFT
  • Professor Dawn Houk, LPU Chair of Psychology and Counseling, LMFT, LPCC
  • Dr. Ken Bringas, Director of the Life Seminary and Pastor
  • Tim Gale, Ministry Leader and Certified Life Coach
  • Chandler Rodriguez, LPU Master’s in Counseling Student and Ministry Leader

Life Pacific University is dedicated to preparing leaders to serve in the Church, the workplace, and the world through Christian higher education. LPU provides programs such as the Bachelor’s in Human Development and Psychology, Master’s in Counseling, and the Master’s of Divinity with a mental health and pastoral care focus, we are committed to equipping leaders. With such a positive response to this webinar and the expressed need for more like this from attendees and beyond, LPU will work to continue to provide accessible resources to those who desire to provide a Christian worldview to the mental health conversation, especially within the Church.

Dr. Ken Bringas happily shares that “This webinar was a significant step forward in furthering the much-needed conversation around how our ecclesiology and leadership practices must address the mental health crisis the nation is facing. All the presenters brought insight and helpful perspectives on the matter, including the importance of leaders setting the tone for their organizations, churches, and families by attending well to their own spiritual formation and soul care as persons”.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can watch the recording.

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