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University, California

Current student, Katelyn Crocker, isn’t just learning inside the classroom. She’s taking the skills Life Pacific University has given her and is making a difference for the Kingdom. Katelyn took her talents for creativity, art, and editing and used them for furthering the mission of God through the arts.

Katelyn created a “commercial”  for Compassion First, a Christian relief and development organization that provides end-to-end, personalized care to those rescued from or at risk of sex trafficking and exploitation in Indonesia. Compassion First also employs LPU alumna, Traci Espeseth (’04).

Watch Katelyn’s Compassion First Commercial Here.

Learn more about Compassion First.

This commercial was utilized on Giving Tuesday on Compassion First’s social media accounts, assisting in raising over $60,000! What a practical way to use talents and education to help spread the good news of who Jesus Christ is in the world. Life Pacific is so proud to see its students implementing what they have learned in their education, combining with their gifts and callings, to serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world.

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