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Life Pacific University is passionate about fostering a community of unique, godly storytellers. Since our founding in 1923, LPU has been committed to integrating creativity in the way we communicate the Gospel. Sister Aimee Semple Mcpherson, LPU’s founder, was known for her divine creativity, often using plays, props, and music to display the truths of Scripture to her audience. 100 years later, LPU is still rooted deeply in creativity and the arts, offering majors like Worship Arts and Media, Media and Communications, on-campus theater productions, and more.

President Angie Richey shares, “At LPU, we have a passion for empowering students through education in communication, writing, preaching, graphic design, and more. We are after students who have passion who not only can grow in their craft, but also connect with people in a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled way. We want to continue to platform our storytelling here at LPU, using the arts, our Digital Media Studio, and building on the legacy of Sister Aimee Semple Mcpherson who used creative mediums to elevate the story of the gospel. Calvin and Kate are just two of many students who are elevating their skills and leadership to best serve God’s purpose on earth, and I am so proud of them!”

Two students who have taken their call to creativity communicate the gospel seriously in their time at Life Pacific University are junior Calvin Welch and freshman Kate Smith. Calvin is a double major in Biblical Studies and Worship Arts and Media, and Kate is a double major in Worship Arts and Media and Media and Communications. Both Calvin and Kate have been selected to participate in the prestigious writing and design cohort with the Association of Biblical Higher Education’s Reclaim Today initiative which empowers and educates students to use media as a tool for the Kingdom of God.

President Angie Richey sat down with Calvin and Kate to discuss how they felt LPU could prepare them for a lifetime of creative excellence partnered with a Christ-centered worldview, making an impact for Christ through the media.

Calvin shares that, “I was captivated by the power of spreading the gospel message through the avenues that are relevant today, especially in graphics in video. It’s widespread and it’s the avenue of communication. I want to make an impact in that avenue where people are spending the most time. I love the idea of bringing biblical excellence to that space”.

Kate expresses, “As Christians, we need to engage these media platforms for the gospel. We want to capture people’s attention online with the truths of God’s Word, reaching them for the Kingdom in a way that ministers to them”.

We are so proud of our students as they choose to pursue their God-given callings in media at LPU while they are being transformed to pursue leadership in the church, the workplace, and the world.

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