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On Tuesday, September 26th, Life Pacific University marked a significant moment as it dedicated the Life Pacific Seminary and inaugurated the Center for Global Leadership Studies, along with unveiling the new Prayer Chapel during a memorable ribbon-cutting ceremony. This followed Global Vision Chapel which kicked off Global Vision Week.

“This day was a transformative milestone, etching significance into our collective memory. It reaffirms our core identity, defining what we are and what we are not. I’m overjoyed by our gathering, as it solidifies our Christ Centered, Spirit-Filled foundation and propels us forward, actively contributing to the work of God and the Holy Spirit in our world.” – Dr. Angie Richey, President of Life Pacific University.

The day began with a pastor roundtable, and it was graced by the presence of pastors, leaders, friends, and esteemed scholars. Among them was the renowned Dr. Mel Robeck, a beloved longtime professor and former dean of theology at Fuller Seminary. Dr. Robeck is widely recognized for his pioneering research on the Azusa Street Mission and Revival. During the chapel session, Pastors Yaseer and Monique Handell delivered a profound message on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by a practical demonstration. The community came together in a powerful moment of prayer over one another.

“It was a privilege to join Life Pacific in a day so filled with hope and joy, marked by so many points of significance – the establishment of the Center for Global Pentecostal Studies and Practice, and the opening of Life Pacific Seminary – both of which will continue to reaffirm Foursquare’s Pentecostal identity as they move forward in “Christ Centered, Spirit Filled” ministry.” Dr. Mel Robeck, Historian, Author, Fuller Seminary faculty member since 1974.

The dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting held near the academic building was a collective effort, with the participation of the student body, trustees, and guidance from faculty members, including President Angie Richey, Provost and VP Dr. Daniel Ruarte, Dean Dr. Jeff Tolle, Chair of Ministry Dr. Tim Lee, and Director of the Seminary Dr. Ken Bringas.

“What an amazing day! Through the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we declared that LPU will continue forward as an educational institution dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ and the move of the Holy Spirit. LPU’s best days are ahead!” Dr. Jeff Tolle, Senior Pastor at Vida, Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry.

“An interesting fact about research centers is that they do not all have an actual physical location. It is incredibly significant then that we have rooted our Center for Global Pentecostal Studies and Practice in a brand new prayer chapel. May our prayers inspire important research and powerful practice that leads us back again to prayer.” Dr. Tim Lee, Senior Pastor, Chair of Ministry and Church Partnerships.

“LPU has been a center for global Pentecostal studies and practice since its founding in 1923. Many graduates were sent nationally and internationally to plant churches and proclaim the Foursquare Gospel. Believing in Jesus for salvation, Holy Spirit baptism, healings, miracles, and the soon coming king! The Center for Global Pentecostal Studies and Practice, located strategically at the CORE of our educational engine, one of our classroom in the academic building, will serve as a symbol and reminder of who we are and what we are supposed to be doing. I am so grateful to have been part of this special day and I believe the rivers of living water (John 7 & Ezequiel 47) will continue to flow from LPU through our Jesus Centered and Spirit Filled campus.” Dr. Daniel Ruarte, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs.

This occasion and dedication ceremony underscored the profound symbolism of the University’s identity as being Christ Centered, Spirit Filled, and the embodiment of a Pentecostal Ethos, a core principle since its inception. The Prayer Chapel not only serves as a physical space for the Center but also stands as a sanctuary for prayer, healing, study, global engagement, and learning, to students, visiting pastors, and scholars alike. Watch a recap video here.

“Over the decades since its founding, LPU has continually expanded its institutional vision while maintaining its mission focus: to train and send those called into a lifetime of vocational ministry and Kingdom service. The administration, faculty, and staff clearly prioritize the spiritual formation, theological training, and ministry preparation that has established LPU as a standard of Christian higher education. Congratulations, LPU. Run with the vision. God is with us.” Rev. Randy Remington, President The Foursquare Church

Greetings and words of dedication were by a robust lineup of individuals, including Trustee Mario Barahona, President of Foursquare, Randy Remington, Scholar Andy Opie, LPU Deans and Directors, Pastor Kurt Fuller, and LPU’s Student Body President, Judah Kuhl.

“What a joy to celebrate with Life Pacific University’s opening of their School of Pentecostal Studies and prayer chapel. Their commitment to train ministers and leaders has proven fruitful and effective for 100 years. I am the minister I am today from my time as a student tarrying in prayer being mentored and instructed by professors and building lasting relationships with fellow ministry partners.” – Pastor Kurt Fuller, Senior Pastor at The Warehouse Foursquare Church, Foursquare Board.

The day concluded with a profoundly impactful and impromptu prayer time held in the prayer chapel, uniting pastors, faculty, and students. This sacred moment set the tone for the promising days that lie ahead.

A small gathering of scholars, pastors, and practitioners propelled the vision for the Global Center. The full advisory board which will be comprised of interdenominational Pentecostal scholars and practitioners will be announced soon.

“This day symbolizes an ongoing passion to seek the fullness of God that his story would be known and lived in our lives through the power of the Spirit. I know I will remember who I stood with on this inaugural moment, a historic event in which Life Pacific says yes to what God is doing.” Andy Opie, Scholar and Committee Member.

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