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The LPU Hawaii Mission team, led by Professor Jeffrey Bird and senior Abby Merritt, spent eight days in Wahiawa, partnering with the non-profit humanitarian organization Surfing the Nations (STN). The team learned about the transformational business/community/non-profit partnership model that Surfing the Nations (STN) employed in Wahiawa, HI. The students joined SNT on several services and outreach activities ranging from doing landscaping/clear out work on a 100-year-old, 30 room boarding home: to outreaching the homeless on the beaches of Waikiki. LPU students riding in the back of a pick up truck in HawaiiWe made friends with the neediest in the community, distributed food, and bonded with the neighborhood’s at-risk youth by tutoring them in their homework, doing art projects together, and playing speed tag with them in a nearby park. They also attended service at Anchor Church (a Foursquare church on the island), where they connected with the lead pastor, Rob McWilliams, Kimo and Laurie Walz, and family. Tom Bauer, STN’s co-founder, along with his wife Cindy, are excited about further partnering with LPU in the future.

Group of LPU Students in Hawaii for missions trip.“ One of my biggest highlights from the trip was meeting someone in need from my hometown with the same ethnic background, hearing their story, baking bread, and planting seeds of hope in their heart. I know God is moving powerfully in these times as He continues to encourage us to be the salt and the light on the earth. I know I was meant to be on this trip so I could  minister to the people God perfectly designed for me to meet.” – Marlene Munoz, Worship Arts & Ministry alumna.

“My favorite part about the Hawaii mission trip was being able to serve the people there. Hawaii is often perceived as a vacation destination, but there is much hurt and need. It was awesome to do with my team and make a positive difference there. “– Britian Mietzel, Transformational Ministry student.



Professor Aimee Selby partnered with Foursquare Missions International’s (FMI) Jonathan Hall, Cheri Dunnigan, and Bryan Hernandez for a unique “What’s Next?” Trip to El Salvador. This was a transformative experience for the whole team and a great introduction to FMI’s “What’s Next?” Program. The group learned about formative cultural, spiritual, and historical moments that impacted the El Salvadoran people through lectures and a city tour. Professor Aimee Selby in El Salvador with LPU Global Life teamIn addition, they served with FMI missionaries and alumni, Jared and Kelly Mueller in various outreach opportunities, including the relaunch of a rural church site, leading multiple church services, and working with the Ninos de Esperanza (a ministry serving minors impacted by poverty and violence). Jared Mueller shared that he “greatly enjoyed and appreciated the ministry of this Global Life team. They were a blessing and encouraged our churches and us personally.”

“This trip was a boost of encouragement for what the Lord can do through prayer. We witnessed healing and breakthrough, richness in community, and love for thy neighbor. It was an unforgettable trip, leaning into the uncomfortable and allowing the Lord do his work in us and through us.” – Lesli Herrera, Biblical Studies and Business Administration student

LPU Global Life team praying for people in El Salvador church“This trip was one of learning, adapting, serving, and new experiences. Seeing how the Lord moved in another culture was enlightening and encouraging, specifically how He moved within the churches we visited. A highlight would be learning and seeing the history of Christianity in El Salvador, and the faith and trust in the Lord those historical figures had amid violence and sorrow.” – CJ Caudle, Business Administration student

“El Salvador 2022, seven days in which I got to witness the love of God transcend language, see the church as a people and not a building, and discover that soccer truly is the best sport in the whole wide world. Everyone tells you short term missions trips will impact you more than you think, and it’s true. I’ve walked away with countless memories, new friends, and a greater view of what God is doing outside of this country. As we sang throughout the trip, He is good! all the time!” – Ellyanna Edwards, Transformational Ministry student.

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